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WASHiriki is the Swahili word for participants or a group of people cooperating to do something. In this case, the WASH in WASHiriki refers to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, emphasizing that the main purpose of coming together is to improve WASH.

Awareness Creation

Aqua Clara Kenya partners with County Governments in Kenya and trains their Community Health Workers (CHWs), supporting them to form and facilitate WASHiriki Clubs. Each Club has 15-30 members, with 70% of members typically women. Clubs meet for 1-2 hours every week and go through two modules, the first one focusing on Household Water Treatment and Storage (HWTS) and the second one on Sanitation and Hygiene. A module lasts around 3 months and culminates in a community WASH Expo event where members showcase their lessons through song, dance and drama to the larger community. At the WASH Expo, various WASH solutions are displayed and made available for purchase.

Influencing Others through WASHiriki Outreach

Each WASHiriki member is challenged to influence others through a campaign called “Each 1 Reach 10”. Here, WASHiriki members are encouraged to reach at least 10 people from outside their household and influence them to change behaviour or adopt solutions leading to WASH improvement. Members typically target relatives, neighbours and friends. WASHiriki members are also envisioned to be role models of good WASH behaviour and early adopters of WASH technology.  

Adoption of WASH Solutions

Aqua Clara Kenya works with CHWs to introduce low-cost WASH solutions to WASHiriki members and those in their network. CHWs make a commission for every sale made and are encouraged to recruit their members to sell for them. To enable more members to afford WASH products, ACK is piloting several product financing options which will make the products available on credit. Some of the products sold through WASHiriki include household water filters, handwashing stations and latrine slabs.

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