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Rain Water Harvesting

Ideal for Schools, Hospitals 

and Households

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Our systems are unique in that they incorporate the first-flush system to route dirt and other materials away from the storage tank prior to entry. We use top quality tanks and high-quality PVC gutters, all locally sourced and delivered to your location from the supplier.

We have completed over 100 Rain Water Harvesting projects across East Africa ranging from simple household installations to complex school systems. Our technicians are trained to install improved systems that ensure the maximum amount of water with the least amount of dirt is harvested.


  • Improvedwaterqualitydue to‘first‐flush’

  • Saves time and money by providing access to water at the point‐of‐use.

  • Low
 maintenance: requires periodic emptying of the flush pipe as well as cleaning of

  • Professional design and installation allowing maximum utilization of roof space and ensuring less water lost

  • We use 100% local materials

Project Features

  • Step 1 Project Assessment and Design

    • With the aid of technology, we are able to design systems that maximize volume harvested whilst reducing contamination.​

  • Step 2 High-Quality Installation

    • Our technicians are highly trained and monitored, with vast experience installing systems of varying scales across East Africa.

  • Step 3 Training and Maintenance

    • We ensure that every customer is able to use and maintain the system properly to enjoy a steady supply of clean water fo a long time. 

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