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The Rotary WASH Project

Updated: Dec 2, 2022


Improving WASH in Schools and Healthcare Facilities

In 2020, Rotary International engaged ACK in a 2 year project to improve Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in 37 schools and 70 Healthcare facilities in the Counties of Bomet, Nyamira, Kericho and Kisii. The Rotary Clubs of Lacey (Washington, USA) and Gachie (Nairobi, Kenya) became the biggest client that ACK has ever had. The project entails the improvement of water supply through the installation of rainwater harvesting systems, improvement of water quality through the installation of ACK’s water filters, sanitation improvement through the installation of SATO, as well as the construction of handwashing stations. Additionally, the schools are supported to form WASH clubs, with additional support from the Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST). In 2021, the project was successfully completed in 19 schools and 37 healthcare facilities with work in the additional institutions to be completed in 2022.

This opportunity has increased ACK’s capacity to deliver projects of this magnitude to other

Rotary Clubs, NGOs and Government. The schools and healthcare facilities also serve as

demonstration centres for WASH technologies promoted through ACK’s business model.

Community members connected to these institutions become early adopters of these

solutions, creating a ripple effect across their communities.


Nyansiongo D.O.K Primary

Nyansiongo D.O.K Primary School in Nyamira County is one of the 37 schools benefiting from the Rotary Global Grant Project. Before the project, the pupils did not have any safe water for drinking. Most days they didn’t have any water at all! The latrines were in a horrible state.

The boys’ facilities were poorly constructed and rarely cleaned leaving a strong stench.

They had flies, dirty walls and floors making the latrines unappealing. About 200 meters away,

the girls’ latrines were not any better. Even worse, some of the girls’ latrines did not have

any doors, denying girls the privacy needed. Probed, a few girls detailed the challenge of

using these latrines as they faced the fence by the road and people passing could see inside.

They also feared that they might get harassed by the boys.

Girls toilet

Through the Rotary Project, the school now has properly installed gutters that flow into their 10,000 litres tank. This water is made safe using ACK’s membrane filter, with the 3 filters that the school now owns able to provide safe drinking water to the 514 pupils throughout the school day. The dilapidated latrines have now been upgraded. Every latrine has a new door, roof, fresh coat of paint and a new floor which also includes SATO technology that has eliminated flies and smell.

To encourage behaviour change, ACK supported the school to form a WASH Club where the

members learn about different WASH topics and are

encouraged to promote good WASH

practices to their fellow pupils and at home. The 30 member club has helped ensure that the WASH hardware such as water filters and handwashing stations are used and maintained properly.

The school WASH champion, Mr Zablon Manduku reports, “The difference that this project has made to my school is tremendous. Gone is the smell and flies. The girls have reported feeling safer using the latrines. Some of the WASH Club members have even convinced their parents to start buying these solutions.”

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