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Our expertise in providing WASH services for over 10 years in East Africa has seen us become one of the most recommended companies in providing different water solutions. This has seen our reputation grow by our partnerships with different non-profit organizations whom we provide our products and WASH training.

The NGOs we work with:

Africa Hope.png


Africa Hope Kenya works within Narok County. 

Since 2017, Africa hope has been working with ACK 

to provide community members in Narok with 

household filters to purify their water.  


Before filters are distributed, Africa Hope seconds a 

team of community members who undergo WASHirikitraining where they are able to form WASHiriki clubs 

in the community to train each other on WASH. 


WASH products amongst them filters. Africa Hope 

then subsidizes the filter for community members 

who contribute a little fee to acquire the household 


Alice Vitionary.png

Aqua Clara Kenya has been working with Alice Visionary Foundation Project since 2018 to 

distribute household filters within Kisumu region. 

Logo Cohesu.png

Aqua Clara Kenya and COHESU have been working 

together for some time. Initially, COHESU were a 

part of WASH training delivered by ACK and CAWST. 

Since 2018, COHESU started subsidizing household filters among target households within 

Kisumu region. 


Konnect Youth Consortium works with Aqua Clara to 

distribute household filters to areas they work mainly in Kericho and Kilgoris. 


Kenya Health Care Initiative

Kenya Health Care Initiative works to alleviate 

human suffering by bringing improved health care 

and clean water to those in need—one village at a 

time. Since 2017, KHCI has been collaborating with

ACK to provide household and school filters to 

families and schools among the Maasai community inLaikipia, Kenya. 


The relationship between Aqua Clara Kenya and 

LWALA Community Alliance started sometime 

around 2013 when some staff form Lwala took part in 

WASH training delivered by ACK and CAWST. Since 

2018, Lwala started subsidizing household filters 

among target households within Migori region. 

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