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Household Filter


Ideal for Urban Homes

KES 4,999.00



This is the ultimate family filter that is fast, with large storage capacity and durable. We designed this filter with a typical family in mind, ensuring that every person can have access to at least three litres of safe drinking water a day. 


Product Features

  • Uses hollow fibre membrane technology

  • Effective up to 99.99% removal of bacteria and parasites

  • Durable: Up to 5 Years life span with proper use and maintenance

  • Storage capacity of 8 Ltrs

  • Flow rate: 1Ltr/2-4Min


  • Effective at removing bacteria such as typhoid, cholera, E. coli and parasites such as Giardia, amoeba and helminths (worms).

  • Less expensive method of purifying water compared to boiling and other commonly used methods

  • Filter membrane does not need frequent replacement: The filter will serve the user up to a period of 5 years

  • Approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)

  • No electricity require

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