WASHiriki is a Kiswahili word that refers to participants or people cooperating to achieve a set goal. In our case, the WASH in Washiriki also refers to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

Our approach involves bringing people together in community clubs where lessons on WASH are delivered weekly, facilitated by a Community WASH Promoter trained and supported by Aqua Clara. Beyond the weekly lessons, the WASHiriki approach also involves coming together to select and adopt appropriate WASH technologies.

The WASH Incubator has been founded under Aqua Clara Kenya’s H2OPE Accelerator to stimulate entrepreneurship in the WASH sector. Being Aqua Clara Kenya’s capacity building arm, the H2OPE Accelerator aims to build the capacity of entrepreneurs in the WASH sector to provide products and services that ultimately lead to improved WASH and better health. The WASH Incubator targets individual entrepreneurs who already have some business experience but lack formal business training. The goal is that entrepreneurs are able to start and implement sustainable WASH businesses.

Theory of Change

WASHiriki Club Period

It is anticipated that participants taking part in the incubator program will take part for a full calendar year, after which support of successful entrepreneurs will be part of the overall H2OPE Accelerator.

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