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School Workshop

Aqua Clara has spent 7 years working with over 100 schools in 23 counties. In doing so we have discovered what is most important to schools:

  • Simple, easy to maintain water solutions

  • A cost that most schools can afford

  • Training and support on use and maintenance

Our Standard Offering

Since early 2017 ACK has been evolving the way it work in schools to enable it to provide standardized packages that respond to schools needs, but also take account of varying schools sizes and budgets. Each package contains 4 basic parts:

  1. A school filter (or filters) for pupil use

  2. A table-top filter (or filters) for staff use

  3. Handwashing stations

  4. Free installation, training and support from Aqua Clara


In addition, our premium packages include a rainwater harvesting system to help bring water closer to schools and reduce the time spent by pupils collecting water.

Promoting Our School WASH Programme

ACK follows up with interested school principals and managers to make sure they have chosen the most appropriate package. ACK also presents to school’s board of directors on request to facilitate the school’s internal approvals processes.

Once a purchase is made ACK arranges with the school to deliver the package and install all necessary equipment, usually within 1-2 weeks. ACK then trains staff and pupils on the use and maintenance of the entire package.

Once installed ACK returns at least twice in the following year to check how the school is progressing and deal with any issues they have encountered. ACK also has a dedicated helpline that schools can call if they encounter any issues.


Subsidized Offering


ACK recognizes that while its WASH package offers fantastic value and are within the standard budget provided by local governments for WASH in schools, there are some schools who are unable to afford our package. For those schools, ACK would like to provide a Schools WASH Subsidy Programme.

Schools unable to afford a package would be able to apply to the fund for a grant to cover the costs of the package. Applications would be received on a rolling basis and the fund would provide packages to successful schools each trimester. The number of schools served each semester by this scheme would depend on the money ACK is able to raise from donors to support the fund.


Expected outcomes and impacts


Schools that have invested in our schools WASH products to date have seen:

  • Less disease among their pupils

  • More attentive pupils

  • Less absenteeism

  • Greater enrollment

  • Better pupil performance

  • Improved WASH in the homes of their pupils

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